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There are many advantages to staying in Pretoria, with viable sources of underground water aquifers being one of them. Residential boreholes are a common sight in the area, with many people taking advantage of an alternative water source at their homes. Should you be looking for borehole drilling specialists in Pretoria that can take care of siting and installing your borehole too, Domestic Boreholes offers a comprehensive approach, with years of experience and more than enough expertise to bring to the table.

Various benefits can be enjoyed once you have your own source of groundwater at home, including outdoor applications such as irrigation, washing your car or pet, and recreational activities for the children. Should you be fortunate enough to have drinkable groundwater, the applications become endless, with viable indoor uses in the bathroom and kitchen as well. Apart form the various uses and benefits of employing borehole drilling specialists in Pretoria to site and install a residential borehole at your home, you will also be in the position to save money on your monthly utility bill by using your alternative water source for various applications instead of your municipal supply.

Along with offering installation, Domestic Boreholes is also offering the service to maintain and repair your residential borehole, should it develop problems. As borehole drilling specialists in Pretoria, we can also do annual check-ups, ensuring that your borehole is in working condition and will keep running until the next check-up. Testing your groundwater is also an important part of owning an alternative source of water at your home, ensuring that the quality of the groundwater from your borehole is safe for its intended applications.

The advantages of owning your very own source of groundwater in Pretoria are numerous, giving you every reason to invest in borehole drilling specialists and getting your own residential borehole, should you not already have one. Domestic Boreholes can take care of every aspect of siting, drilling, installing, and maintaining your residential borehole, giving you the peace of mind that your alternative source of water will not only produce water throughout the year, but also provide all the expected benefits to your household.

Should you want more information about how our team of borehole drilling specialists in Pretoria can be of service to you, feel free to peruse our website for more information on our drilling process and services, or contact us directly with enquiries. Choose Domestic Boreholes today and enjoy the advantages of your own borehole at home.

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