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Drilling Prices for New Boreholes

Pretoria is the capital of South Africa and is in the country’s busiest and most populated province of Gauteng. This area is host to numerous natural aquifers – natural underground sources of water that can be utilised for residential boreholes. As a result, boreholes are popular in Pretoria, with a multitude of households already benefitting from having their own alternative water source. A residential borehole will not only save money on utility bills, but also provide a useful water source for outdoor usage.

Borehole drilling prices in Pretoria are never a fixed amount, as a host of variables determine the initial and overall costs of the process. Domestic Boreholes can offer solutions for borehole installation, maintenance, and repair. We have had decades in the borehole business to ensure that our knowledge and expertise can work in your favour. When it comes to the initial installation and drilling process, a couple of determining factors will directly influence the costs involved to deliver a borehole for your residential use. Today, we will briefly discuss these factors to give you an idea of what to expect.

Starting with the basics surrounding borehole drilling prices in Pretoria, a suitable drilling spot needs to be determined before any drilling can commence. Pretoria has many underground aquifers that are suitable for boreholes. Therefore, a geologist can determine an optimal drilling spot at your premises for us to start the process. Only once the drilling commences will the borehole’s initial costs become apparent. These costs are determined by the depth of the borehole, the amount of gravel packing required, and the casing size.

Once the drilling process is complete, a well head needs to be installed. The borehole also requires flushing and the yield rate must be optimised. Site clean-up will also influence the drilling price, as the drilling process is messy and dirties the surrounding area quickly. Once this is all taken care of, the borehole’s water yield needs to be tested and optimised before the final pumping system can be installed. With its optimal yield, the system can be finalised, and the overall borehole drilling price can be determined.

Domestic Boreholes offers fair and competitive borehole-drilling prices in Pretoria. Although the price can never be fixed, we can assure that our expertise and years of experience will keep the costs as affordable as possible throughout the installation process. For more information on borehole drilling costs and prices in Pretoria, please contact us today to take advantage of your own alternative source of water at home.